Vivaldi != speed demon.

If you want to show off how fast you can play, go pick on Liszt and leave Vivaldi alone. This woman has an unbelievable voice, and I’m not normally a soprano-lover. But wowza:

If only I could import it into Ableton and cut the tempo in half. There is absolutely no excuse for this garbage. Once again, FedEx Guy strikes with the force of a 10-ton anvil. RBP has skewered certain metal guitarists for being mindless shredders who are just out to play faster than anyone else, but classical music suffers as much from that sort of thing if not more. I mean, let’s face it, ruining Vivaldi of all people should be a capital crime.

Makes me wonder if Liszt wouldn’t also be quite good when played at a more sane tempo, and whether or not he’s not being destroyed by speed demons out to show nothing more profound than “lookie how fast I can play.” *sigh*