Making predictions about what I’m going to do next

It doesn’t seem to do any good. I should hire a bookie.

I ended up working out the opening to “Dove sei?” along with a chunk of the starting recitatif accompagnato, that fabulous “Pompe vane di morte” business. I’ve got a good piece of the chords worked out — he likes diminished 7ths almost as much as Scott Joplin. It might be worthwhile to go through the whole blasted thing and just work as much of it as possible out to see what sorts of chord changes recitatif typically uses. Dims may well be standard tools for that sort of thing. I was already pleasantly surprised to see how he used the recitatif in the middle of “Con rauco mormorio” to get back into the key he had started in at the end of the B theme.

Anyway, it’s all very fun, and once again I get to listen to great music a dozen times. The score is — once again — a half-step sharp for me, so I’m flatting everything I see, and it makes things a bit confusing sometimes. Thankfully, a decent ear and knowledge of theory is letting me do a lot of it by ear. I haven’t had to consult the score too often.

I’ve written the chords in on the accompagnato relative to a 440 A and have started putting it into Musescore in the key I’m playing it in on the piano (AM/F#m). If I ever play it on a viola in this lifetime, I’m tuning down. (Or up.) I’m not playing anything in EbM on that thing.

So I had some fun. Didn’t do much on the viola, though. I’m not even including the viola on this arrangement; it’s just for piano this time. EbM? No way.