Melody III — a relatively easy fix

Just had a stint with the microphone, and I’m pretty uniformly flat. Annoying, but an easy fix. Move my hand up. If I had been all over the map, flat sometimes and sharp others, that would have been a more formidable problem. Fixing scattered aim is much worse than merely moving around a tight grouping. I need to move my hand up, do more scales to fix the proper position for my hand before diving into a piece, and be a little more aggressive when it comes to reaching for a given note. This is a 16″-er, so I need to get used to stretching a bit more.

Overall though, a really good weekend for the viola. I can feel myself solving problems one by one and retaining them, which is nice. I need to make sure to do a little of this tomorrow night as well, just to cement the improvements so I’m not bailing a leaking lifeboat on Thursday (short week this week) to recover gains made this weekend and lost through indolence. I still remain amazed at the continued realization that I might actually play this thing someday.

I’m also pleased that I’m gaining more dynamic range as I go. While I still can’t manage a pp, I’m getting there and not at all minding playing without the mute anymore. (Whether my neighbors mind is another matter.)

Still curious about a 15″ viola, but I will remain on this one for the moment and get some geared pegs and an extended nut on him. Might as well — no sense making things harder than they are. Yuri Bashmet, from what I’ve heard, has a 16″ viola with a 14.1″ string length, probably not a coincidence.