Still wondering about a 15″ viola

And possibly the 14″ that I can get strung up like an octave or a viola. Why not? I’m getting better at fingering the full-size, but there’s still the matter of its weight. Maybe one of the CF ones is an option for solving that problem, I don’t know. I don’t see how the fingerboards can be replaned on those things, so I’m a bit leery of them — plus, they are famously loud. Many violists talk approvingly of their substantial sound, but again, I’m someone who wants something quieter since I want to play for myself. There’s no back of the hall I’m trying to reach.

I keep getting back to that — why do I have a big ol’ viola if I don’t want the sound of a big ol’ viola? Maybe I want a 14″ or a 15″. A 14″, like I said above, could get strung up as an octave as well as a viola, plus it would be small enough to qualify for a carry-on. (I’d probably still cringe at the idea, though.)

I think a 15″ is probably the best bet for me, in the far future. A 14″, granted it could be set up as viola or octave, would make me feel as if I were in the kiddy pool and using the bow to scratch my upper lip. Right now, I’m feeling grumpily tight with my money just out of general principle and don’t feel like buying anything with that many zeroes on the wrong side of the decimal point. My nickname should be Silas Marner. Or Ebenezer Scrooge.