Adding a little coda to Melody III

It needs one. Well okay, I didn’t write it and the guy who did was a Delay student, so who am I to mess with it … but still. I like putting a little cute thing at the end. I think I’m managing the mystifying bowing a little better, though — granted this was on the pochette last night and not the full-size, but I think it’s coming along better. I need a little more lightness and flexibility in the hand in certain parts; instead of using my arm to zip over to the A string for one 16th note, it seems to work better if I use my fingers to dip the bow down. I also need to make sure that the E on the D doesn’t go sharp for some reason that escapes me, but it does.

And there are still some places where I need to go from an F# on the D to an A on the D without having any unwanted bits of G showing up between them. A limber, relaxed scroll hand is the important part of that; I think I got that from the Gavotte. After I was able to concentrate on more things at once, I could sort of prepare my hand ahead of time to anticipate the whole phrase instead of fingering as if I had no idea that the A was coming until it was right upon me. This will probably be the same, which means I have to treat it the same way and just do that one part over and over a thousand times until something clicks.