Onward to the Fitzpatrick melodies

So I got through the first one in about six seconds, skipped the second since I simply refuse to make noises that ugly, and am doing the third. I think I may end up back at the first at some point, though. I’ve got to be missing something; there is a bowing in the second measure that really makes no sense to me at all, unless he was trying to work in an upbow staccato in there. And I also tended to ignore some of the staccato markings. Not all — some made sense to me. But others were just ugly. I’m getting too opinionated for a beginner. I wish I knew why he had put that strange bowing in. It really is extremely counterintuitive.

But at any rate, I’m working on the first theme of the third piece now. A few more oddball bowings where in I suspect him of the same sort of unstated purpose, but it’s not bad. A few difficult uses of the pinky, but not too many. They at least make sense to me, unlike the strange bowings.

I think I’m getting used to DM as well; the high 3 on the first two strings doesn’t seem as high as I thought it would be. It’s a bit of a stretch, especially on the C string, but it’s not really that bad. It’s more a matter of thinking of what part of the fingertip (up the fleshier bit more) I should contact the string with than a stretch, per se.

BTW, I just ran into this pianist. I like her. Why did this come to my attention too late to do anything about it?