Okay, I think I can manage this.

I’m recalling “Moon of Memory” here and that it was in 6/8 initially, and then the whole second part flipped into 4/4 for quite some time before the coda to the 4/4 sections went back into 6/8. I think “Bitter Clean” is turning out almost the same way, so I’ll have to see what I can do about stitching bits together. I think I’ve written it the same way too — done the main theme reprise first and now I’m filling in the back stuff. (Well, not quite. Assuming that the Ebm stuff is part of the filler, then that’s what I wrote first really.)

But I think there is a large-scale structure at work here, at least, one that I can sort of make out. I’ll see how that works. Probably won’t make any progress until Friday night. That seems to be my music time, from the minute I get home, if I’m in a composey mood. 🙂