In other news, I just cranked out 32 measures of good damned work. Started with a bit last night and then all today kept going on it, and it just grew. I theenk it’s part of “Bitter Clean.” It sure dovetailed nicely into it in a strange way at the end, although I’m going to have to see what happens now with the last part. (I think this new stuff is the middle part, although it might not be.) I am effing gobsmacked by this one.

It’s a bit farther out of my ability range but in a way that’s not quite as annoying as that long 10-tuple. I’ve never been enormously good at rapid-fire stuff, although that is getting better as I wear a hole in the woodshed rug with the viola. This part has lots of fairly chunky big-ass chords in it, which aren’t hard, but … well, they are hard but in a way that feels reasonable to me. It’s just a matter of stamina for these. Sort of a different flavor of “can’t.” A more athletic one.