Getting home tonight and playing

I’ve been in a more viola frame of mind lately than a piano one; I guess things go in cycles. But right now, I cannot wait to get home tonight and see how those Corellis have stretched. I can’t wait until they stabilize. I’m going to play the daylights out of them this weekend.

I also did some stuff last night where I played everything with as little pressure as needed to get a decent sound. Sometimes I really have to press down, but most times it’s not nearly as firmly as I think. I need to go slower when I do that, but it’s helpful to get my scroll hand to relax. It’s also important to make sure that my jaw/shoulder business is as stable and low-tension as possible, too. Playing with little tension in the scroll hand seems strongly connected to keeping the instrument solidly placed. And if I don’t learn to increase or decrease the tension in my scroll hand at will, I’m never going to be well set to learn vibrato.