More setup annoyances

I have to remain more aware of how the viola is sitting on my collarbones to make sure that it doesn’t do what it does when I don’t pay it mind: wander off until it’s only on the right collarbone and rocking precariously back and forth there. I really need to pay mind to putting it where it sits stably and keeping it there. If it insists on wandering off, I need to pay mind to why and see if I can’t tweak things to cope. I’ve already put a low-profile shoulder rest on my “must buy” list, but I’d really rather not need one. The less extraneous crap I have to tote around to play, the better. I’m not a purist in terms of setup or anything; frankly, I think that the things will sound better with a shoulder rest that grips it at the edges than clamped down against a piece of boney meat along the back. I just would rather have less crap to tweak.

Anyhow, I’ll have to keep that in mind tonight and especially this weekend when I can pay it more attention. A center chin rest is another option, I think. (I hope not; my current one is pretty.) We’ll see how things work out.