Making a viola “commentary track”

I think I’d like to do that, when I’m out of Suzuki v1. Just go through it, starting at the Bach stuff (no sense doing it for the earlier pieces), and note the parts that are challenging and take special care for me, and the things I did to manage them. It’s worthwhile to do this for all of them from now on, each time I get past something for the third time and move on to the next set of pieces.

I could have done this with the posting here, I suppose — tagging them more intelligently. I think I’ll start doing that, tagging with things like “Fitzpatrick_1” for the first Fitz melody, or “SuzukiV2_4” for the 4th piece in Suzuki v2. This doesn’t help the many posts I’ve made about v1, but oh well. It should be helpful in future, and maybe if I ever get any time off, I can go back and tag the v1 posts as well as the ones I made on the first pass through the Fitz melodies.