Financial qualifications for hypothetical students

I think if I ever decided to teach music for a living, I’d make a point of not having a thing to do with kids whose parents were either CEOs, surgeons, or professors.

I want poor kids. I want kids who won’t give up because their instrument isn’t just perfect. I want kids who won’t whine, pout, and quit because they don’t have a high-quality grand, because they can’t imagine ever touching a grand piano. I want kids who have to get where they are on their own grit and not because mommy or daddy had a monthly luncheon with Zubin Mehta.

I would refuse to teach any kids but those for whom a secondhand digital would beat the pants off of any POS acoustic they were likely to scrounge up off of Craigslist. I want kids for whom giving up when things aren’t ideal is not an option because nothing about their life is ideal. I want kids who have to choose between bus fare money to get to lessons and lunch.

I am just plain sick of people who were raised in comfort and have no idea what it means not to be.