The Evil Measure

Now that I have a better foundation, it’s more a Troublesome Measure than outright Evil. I’m fine with it, and I can shed myself up to the point where it doesn’t derail me totally, although the fifth up on the D string still sounds inconclusive and haphazard, but it’s really not bad. A good part of it is that, since I’ve gotten my feet under me more, I can just shed the daylights out of that one measure … unfortunately, to the point where I’m exhausting my arms because I’m doing it for a thousand times straight. (I get in these OCD ruts sometimes.) I wish I knew if my neighbors were ready to kill me or not. I haven’t found any flaming bags of poo on my threshold, so that’s a good sign.

The next problematic bit in this is the fourth measure from the end, which has a (nearly) blind stab a 5th up on the D string from an F on the C string. I think there is a way to calibrate it using the 2/3 combination that is sort of my personal fulcrum for my scroll hand, but I want to run over The Previously Evil And Now Merely Troublesome Measure a bunch more until it’s flattened into a minor speed bump. At a rough guess, that will be this weekend and the next weekend, and then on the 29th/30th, it will be time for the Fitzpatrick melodies again.