Put a little more into “Bitter Clean”

The middle theme was a little peppier than I would have guessed it would be, but this seems to be turning out oddly, like a sonatina turned inside out. The two bookending themes are slower and more melancholy, and the middle one is more lively. It’s really pushing Musescore to its limit, and I ended up with two unwanted bass clefs that refused to get gone when I’ve turned the entire lower staff into treble. No clue. I set them to invisible and moved on. 😛

Viola’s going okay. Sort of mentally dealing with the fact that my modest little epiphany didn’t turn me into Yuri Bashmet overnight, with the exception of spurring a mild desire for a glass of good wine. I ran into a cute little theme while improvving on the thing, and might put it down and write a piano accomp, and put it online for a fiddle forum I’m poking my nose into. Some of the things I’m writing for it sound like they could be done a couple of ways, folk fiddle being one of them.