Reasons why music engenders sanity

  1. It welcomes all. There is no such thing as the “right kind of person” to make music. Everyone is the right kind of person. There is a way to make music for all personality types. Super-obsessed, bullheaded, and detail-oriented? Hell, you might make a concert soloist. (Bullheaded and slightly out of your mind? Singer. ;-D) Interested in new ways to do and say things? Composer or songwriter. Lone wolf? Solo pianist. Bossy? Lead guitar or section principal. Good collaborator? Accompanist. Outgoing? Popular musician or chamber musician. Compulsive collector? You’ll end up with a sheet music library that will make the Library of Congress jealous. Hermit? Play by yourself. You don’t have to ask anyone’s damned permission to do it, or convince them that you’re the right kind of person to do it. All you need is the instrument, and time. No matter how many people think they are one, there are no gatekeepers in music.
  2. You don’t get crucified on the tree of teamwork. (Well, not always.) You never have to hear anyone tell you, “Well, we know that’s the best way to play this note, but we’re not going to let you do it that way, because everyone else decided it, for absolutely no good goddamned reason.” I’ve said this before, but you know how there’s no “i” in team? There’s an “i” in piano. (Viola, too.) This is where my history as a pianist might bias my opinion, and might also result in me turning into a rather contrary violist. I’d never survive in an orchestra.
  3. It gives immediate, quantifiable results. Want to get better? Well, give a few ways of doing things a try or even just possibly *gasp!* listen to your teacher and do what they tell you, and you’ll hear or feel improvement then and there. Then, do it a zillion times. Done. Onto the next problem.
  4. Thinking about fingering and phrasing when you wake up for no reason at 4am stressed out about shit you have to get done at work helps you from spiraling into I WILL NEVER GET IT ALL DONE cold sweats.