Dealing with the cold C on the A string in The Malicious Happy Farmer

Keep 1 down on the D string (for as long as you can get away with it) and calibrate the C by that.

Rotate your elbow back just the way your teacher TOLD YOU TO DUR, and maintain your intonation.

Close your eyes, so you can hear whether or not you’re in tune.

Keep working on ways to keep 1 on the D clear of the A string without releasing the string and winging it entirely. You may have to, but see if there isn’t another more secure way.

Pay attention to parceling out the bow on this one; it’s tough. Start near the frog. Think smooth thoughts when going from the open A to the G on the D or else the bow will feel like an axe handle when crossing back to the D and wobble on the down stroke.

Keep using the sharpie trick, it helps your intonation tremendously on this one.

Keep going on this piece this week until the weekend, upon which point it’s the third pass for the GarotteGavotte, and after that, you move on to the Fitzpatrick melodies whether you can get The Evil Measure down or not.

ETA: Just re-inked the little reminder blob with a marker labelled “INDUSTRIAL SUPER PERMANENT,” which I may come to regret.

ETA #2: Industrial super-permanent, my ass.