I just tried to take the mute off my viola. The D and A strings went through my head like a nail. Sorry, but that mute stays on. I can’t even care if I’m in tune without the mute, because I just want the horrible noise to stop.

WHY do I have to hate very clear high-pitched noises so much? 😦 And the damned thing doesn’t have near the dynamic range of the piano. Pianissimo? Right. I know it’d be easier if I had played it for longer, but I’m sorry, these fuckers are just too loud. Screw “projecting” to the rear of the hall, my ears hurt. There is only so much screech that close to my head that I can tolerate. I don’t know how violinists stand it.

Can’t I ever do anything to normal way? Are there any musical instruments that have the range of the viola but are darker-colored? Maybe an octave violin? I mean, this one works well with the mute, but would I get the same effect by going down to a more ergonomically sized instrument?