Surprisingly, “There All Along” isn’t bad.

Nor is it too brutal to shovel it back into my forebrain. But I do need to get it into Musescore instead of Lilypond. *sigh* And Lilypond looks so good when it’s typeset, but it’s just too hard to manage when you have to tweak things and besides, Musescore has the MIDI thing that’s so convenient.

Oh, well. Stop whining and get to work, you.

ETA: Well, I’ve got another page or so to get into Musescore (19 measures), but I’m really surprised at how nice this piece is. Oh it’s not Brahms, but it’s awfully good for someone who had never done it before. This is the third thing I’ve ever written, and I took a lot of time with it. Months — from July/August to mid-February. I really was careful with this. Parts of it stalled for a long time while I let multiple versions of various themes duke it out in my head, mulled it in the car during my drives to work, came up with ideas and then hummed them to myself during the day so I wouldn’t forget them before I got home and could work them out and write them down … I really sweated over this thing. And for a first time at something that was longer than a page, it shows. It’s good. It doesn’t have rough edges. Oh a few typos in the notation that had to be fixed, but nothing in the music itself as I played it that had to be repaired. I removed one note in the middle of a chord, and it may find its way back there for all I know.

I’m so pleased with this. I’m still sort of gobsmacked that I’m doing this.