Irritating Musescore bug

The stupid thing won’t hold onto triplets! This is driving me nuts. I will get a piece of music just right, save it to a PDF that looks perfect, close it, then open it again and the triplets are all entirely hosed up.

The PDF looks fine, I might add.

I know it’s free software, but this is annoying as all hell, especially in a piece of music that has buttloads of triplet eighths. If I go in and fix them all in the mcsz file, are they just going to hose up again later? *argh*

ETA: I messed with it a bit — I think it might have been related to the fact that, for some reason, the time signature had gotten deleted from the front of the piece. Nothing else flipped out except those pasted triplets. I have no clue if it’s going to hose up on me again, but I’ll have to see if it does. Again, the PDF saves just fine and very stably.