Shirley Jones in a ponytail again

Okay, so I’m humming this to myself. Apparently, I need to just do it. I think it’s going to be another viola+piano one, because it doesn’t fit in with the piano stuff I’m writing now, and it works too well for viola. I can even come up with a nice way to trick it up on the second repeat. I need to get it into Musescore.

BTW, I ordered a copy of the Compleat Klezmer. It shipped. 🙂 I wish I had any clue what the hell I was going to do with it when it got here, but it’ll be fun to mess around. I really do like that one scale called Freygish — it’s like a minor scale with the second and third degrees pushed a titch apart. It’s a mixed scale — D freygish has a Bb, Eb, and an F#. It’s sort of peculiar. I think a D with just those two flats would be like D Phrygian, so I supposed freygish is Phrygian with a major third. It should be fun to mess around with it. It will be ages before I can do anything with this on a viola, so it’s piano-only for now and a long time to come.