So okay, that’s done.

Finished with the Vivaldi 443/2. I think. There’s a chance that I’d like to do more than just stick in a double-repeat bar and instead go in and score simpler versions of both themes explicitly. That’d probably be best, and it would give more impact to the fancy stuff in both themes.

I’m also shocked at the difficulty level of what I’m writing. It’s slightly more outside of my comfort range than most of what I write, which is only marginally outside my comfort range. This one will take more woodshedding than most of what I do. Yikes. If I’d seen this sheet music when I was a kid, I’d have either blown it off, or else stumbled my way through it and never gotten it down. It makes such a vast difference when it comes out of your own brain; it’s amazing. I just hope I can still do it a couple months from now when it comes time to actually record and edit. I wonder if there’s an “Audacity for Dummies” book someplace.

I’ve also discovered a major aid to doing zillionth note runs — you must not go on autopilot at all, nor hope that your hand’s inertia will simply carry it forward correctly. You must think explicitly about every single note of it. No give-it-a-shot-and-hope-for-the-best. Pretty simple in the end.

So another theme in “Streetlights,” first passes to the two themes on this, and go back and knock remaining rough edges off of “There All Along.”