The run in the Vivaldi 443/2

I’m surprised at myself. I have to shed it every time I go home, but after a few minutes, it comes into view and becomes easier. Not easy, just easier. Nevertheless, that sort of thing has always been intimidating to me. I’ve got a ways to go before it’s good enough that I stop having to specifically focus on it, but I’m pleased with myself that I can, after concentrating on it, do it fairly reliably. I’ve always felt that runs like that were where I got left on the curb, and historically they have been.

I think part of it — a big part — is that this is a piece of music that I love to bits, and so I’m seriously motivated to do it. Before, long runs with three beams on the notes were parts of Chopin pieces that I didn’t really want to be playing. It didn’t come naturally to me, I wasn’t crazy about the music … why am I doing this again?

I think that working on stuff that I really love that has lots of little black dots with many beams in it (as opposed to big stretches, which are cake for me) is what I need to do to get those blizzards of dots down. After I become more comfortable with them, I can probably branch out to reliably doing them in most types of music. But to start with, being invested in the piece in order to help tackle a challenging technique can really help.

It helps too that I’m arranging it, and so that run is there because I want it there. I could have removed it, and I didn’t.

And I’m really excited about putting them into my own pieces now, and in the Journey stuff that I want to arrange (even if only for my own pleasure). There is one tiny little vocal cadenza in “Sweet and Simple” that always just slays me; Perry really is a viola with legs. I’ll have to work like an emeffer to actually figure out what the hell it is he’s doing, but it’s this suddenly upwelling of Baroque ornament in the middle of the prettiest little R&B-style rock song. And maybe if I can get runs like this down, I can put it in when I arrange it. (Although this would have to be a piano-only arrangement instead to the piano+viola that I’m hoping for.)