The first part of the Vivaldi Recorder Thing (well, the second movement, which I consider the chewy chocolate center of the thing anyhow and which starts at 4:05 in that video) is done! The second part comes next, and then I just woodshed like an emeffer on that one irritating-but-gorgeous run in the fourth measure. There’s a way to avoid doing it by just rolling a big F#M7, but I don’t want to do that because the run … is gorgeous. It’s juuuust out of reach, so I think I can do it, but whether I can do it well is another matter.

We’ll see. It’s so pretty.

ETA: You know, if you can get work done, it’s always best to do so. Got a few minutes to sit at the piano or pick up the [WHATEVER]? Do it. I had no intention whatsoever to do this. I had only found the recording on YouTube and remembered how pretty it was yesterday afternoon. It was only relatively late in the evening when I sat down and figured, “What the hell?” and started in on it. And now the first theme is pretty much done. Supposedly Pablo Picasso remarked once that he had no control over when inspiration came, but that the only thing he could do was to make sure it caught him working. I was just futzing around at the piano, not planning on anything. I could have gone straight to bed. Instead, I sat down at the thing and decided to start working. I could even have stopped after the first two measures. (It’s 12/8, so that’s a good chunk of a tune.) When in doubt, sit at the piano.