Left side vs. right side

I think I’m finding that I can have either one of these two situations, but not both:

1) I use the shoulder rest. My bowing is improved because the instrument is held further back, so I can go from frog to tip with no tension at all in my bow hand. However, my neck gets tired, and my scroll arm gets exhausted very quickly from having to hold itself up further from my body. I can’t even through the minuet without stopping in the middle because I get so tired.

2) I don’t use the shoulder rest. My bowing instantly becomes less than ideal, or to be precise, I can’t use the whole bow anymore. The entire part near the tip becomes useless unless I want my hand to hurt. However, my neck is fine, my shoulder is fine, and since my arm isn’t held up so far from my body, I can get through the entire minuet without stopping and without feeling exhausted.

It appears the EITHER my scroll side is peachy, OR my bow side is peachy, but never both at the same time. Since option 2 involves the least physical pain and the most stamina, I’m going to go for that for the moment and to hell with bowing near the tip for now. I think a shallower chinrest might be a possible solution (or doing the Irish fiddler trick of removing it entirely and just using the tailpiece as a chinrest, although a classical violinist might get hives at that idea).