I need to get my bow hand in line.

Unsurprisingly, it’s tough on the C string near the tip of the bow. It knocks my bow hold off completely to be up there, and if I try to maintain it in as close to a textbook style as possible, it hurts. Hurts == you’re doing it wrong.

It’s just so damned hard to do both at the same time — I can play long tones with a good bow hand, especially open strings, from frog to tip (on everything but the C string, and I’m sort of resigning myself to not playing at the tip on the C string unless someone has a gun to my head). The minute I’m slurring or the scroll hand is in play, everything goes to pot. It’s truly annoying. I can subdivide the music box Minuet into two-measure sips and manage a good bow hand, but that’s it. If I try to play the entire thing, by about the fifth measure, I’m back to pinky/index/thumb as the pressure points that are holding the bow while the middle/ring fingers are pretty much lifted off and doing nothing.

And for some reason, this is wrong in the classical world, where thumb/middle are supposed to be doing all the heavy lifting and pinky/index just steer. Yet, if I do that … it hurts right over the top of my hand. Noticeably, and to the point where I stop. (I don’t care if it’s the “right way” to do it; if it hurts, I stop.)

It’s annoying. I wish I were still seeing my teacher, but if I were, I would have been getting hustled at a breakneck pace toward Telemann, stumbling and screwing up the whole way, instead of just sitting back in Suzuki v1 and dealing with this shit. So here I am, dealing with it myself, or trying to.