Checking intonation with a recording mic

Is a lot like sitting in couples therapy and hearing the counselor ask your partner — who is sitting right there — to explain what it is about you that annoys them.

*cringes and runs under the cabinets*

It wasn’t so bad, actually. My ear is fussy enough that I’m not bad, at least in CM. And the Music Box Minuet is coming out nicely. I’m surprised again that I recalled the fingering and the music fairly well. It’s a pretty thing, so it’s not so hard. 🙂 But once again, things are going nicely.

I had to take a bit of a break from the piano tonight, as it turned out. I seem to do that every time I finish writing something. I need to just step back and do something a bit more mechanical, where you are lucky if you can actually express something appropriately much less get the note right. My bowing is becoming harder though; I do think it’s just because I’m starting to step back far enough that I’m seeing more problems and trying to solve them … and can’t quite do it yet. So I have found new and ever more advanced ways in which to crack up in the ditch. Wow! A whole new vista of previously unforeseen bedposts to dent my shins on! >_O

I remain happy and optimistic that if things continue as they are going now that I will someday actually play this thing like someone who … actually plays this thing.