How to silence my damper pedal

I really need to figure this out. It becomes impossible for me to continue when that fucking pedal starts clicking and squawking halfway through a piece. I must find a way to keep it from happening, because I lose time when I have to stop, get up, and walk away lest I run the very real risk of losing my temper to the point where I want to damage the thing.

Yes, I could take the remaining decades of my life to learn how not to release jets of fire from my eye sockets when that stinking pedal starts popping and clicking, but I’ve hated that sound and reacted similarly since I was ten, so I’d really rather just silence it and keep working rather than have to waste the next fifty years radically reshaping my personality before I can even get started. I have a short fuse, and I’d like to make music anyway.

*grinds teeth into powder*