“Be specific.”

Okay, okay. Message received, World.

Bowing. Long tones. Bow hand, managing the weight of the thing until it feels natural. C Major scales, one, two, and four notes per bow. No more. And pay mind to the bowing. The bowing. Not the intonation.

It’s just hard. The thing is heavy, and my arm gets tired. I need to set my oven timer.

And I’m always hearing that practice makes permanent, and that makes me worry about not paying mind to my intonation and letting it go screwy so I can pay more mind to my bow hand, or whatever my goal is for that practice session. If I don’t pay attention to intonation, won’t that make it louse up? I feel like I have to do everything perfectly or else it will get engrained in my head — so if I hear my intonation going off, even if I’m trying to concentrate on my bow hand, I have to attend to it and fix it.

And of course, then that ends up widening even further until I feel like I have to do everything perfect again, and I’m not paying the 100% of attention to my bow hold that was the whole point in the first place. Classic scope creep.

I just wish I could reconcile all of that. 😦