*fnargle* More than one problem to solve in the next part of the D mixo thing

I don’t just have to get to a place where a more legato left hand is used, but I also have to get to someplace where a dotted-triplet Sicilian rhythm gets used. That’s also in the coda, and I have been flirting with it on and off, but not actually gotten the music invested in it yet. I don’t want to remove the rhythm from the coda, so I need to start introducing it now — especially where the first triplet in a measure is dotted and the second isn’t.

I also need to start using the Am7 again. I can’t go I-IV-iv-I for the rest of this thing or else even I’ll die of boredom.

Update: I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to go through and name all the chords that made up the D mixo scale before. I should have done that to start; I do it whenever I’m writing in Major or minor. I’ll need to remember to do it no matter what mode I’m working in.