I knew this thing would get a bit mooshy.

I’m not surprised — this is that D mixo thing, BTW. I just want to give something a bit more martial a try next. I’m not sure how much I’ll like it. I tend to be somewhat grumpy in real life (what a shock, eh?) and I find that writing softer music is a nice departure from that mindset. I’m not sure I want a harder sound to intrude on what I’m doing. I like thinking of music as a refuge from that way of looking at the world.

I was also happy last night while listening to “Giulio Cesare” for the seven millionth time to discover that “Aure deh per pietà” goes no lower than a middle C, making it a possibility for both viola (dropped an octave) and tenor recorder. And of course I’d want to score the recitative lead-in. It’s fantastic.

Well okay, I’d rather do it in E since again, it’s on that annoying flat A, but strictly speaking, it’s in F

Jesus on toast, just pick a standard and stick with it, people!