Now of course, I’m angsting.

I’m angsting because I am getting well and truly sick of the nut-to-bridge on my current viola, the redoubtable Stevie. (I think all my violas will be named Stevie somehow.) It’s 14.75″. The size of the body is fine, but that n2b is beginning to grate on me. I’m seriously, seriously thinking about asking the luthier who will be doing my pochette to make the n2b 14″. That means that I’d have to bring Stevie to the luthier again and not only have the fingerboard replaned but the n2b adjusted, if at all possible.

I can see the appeal of violins and their standardization. “What size do you want it?” “Violin sized.”

I need to think on this, but I think I know the answer already. I need a 14″ n2b.