Well, I did it.

The Check (as they say) Is In The Mail, and I will have a left-handed viola-scale pochette by around Halloween or thereabouts from this fellow, the quite nice Don Rickert. I also got myself a carbon fiber Coda bow — the Diamond NX, which I’m really looking forward to.

I’ll have to be careful; I can feel the ominous rumblings of Gear Acquisition Syndrome stirring deep within the lightless abyss of my soul, and as a confirmed cheapskate and lifelong skinflint, I’d really rather not accumulate a bunch of dust-collecting garbage I don’t need. (Especially when I still have to get the fingerboard replaned on my main instrument.) But still, that pseudo-Baroque-looking gamba-shaped thing I linked to in the post before this one looks sweet as a summer grape, and can be made in 16″ viola scale … Crap.

GAS aside, it will be heaven to be able to travel with a viola. The case is evidently 34″ long but only 4″ x 4″ in cross-section, so although it’s technically longer than permitted, I am confident of being able to get it past a gate agent at an airport, and since it’s longer than needed to hold the instrument, I may even be able to fit the disassembled recorder in it. The round case would have been shorter, but looks depressingly like a pipe bomb, so even though the repurposed fly rod case is longer than I’d like, it looks a lot less threatening.

Nevertheless, I do however anticipate being taken aside and having to explain the thing to TSA when going through security, which will be a pain.

“It’s a travel violin.” (I won’t say “travel viola,” because they probably won’t know WTH a viola is.)

“A what?”

“A travel violin.”

“Wait here, please.”

If I didn’t hate high-pitched noises so much, this wouldn’t be an issue, and I’d just play a piccolo or something and stick the thing in my pocket. Instead, I am fated to get sent through the porno scanner for the rest of my life anytime I fly with this thing. I suppose the fact that a left-handed viola will have effectively been considered a terrorist threat is the ultimate viola joke, but I’m none too fond all the same.