A few things

  1. I’m really making nice progress in the Garotte Gavotte. My intonation is good, my bowing is settling out — and I can hear instantly when I’m too close to the bridge argh, and that one problematic measure that is the whole point of learning the thing is also becoming easier and easier. Of course, it becomes easier and easier after I’ve woodshedded it 100 times, but then it’s 99 times, then 98 … Pretty soon, I’ll have it settled out.

    Then I really do have to start contemplating going back to my instructor and asking him if he’d be okay with another six months of intensive lessons, and then I go away and rip all the meat off the bones and suck the marrow out until I’m ready to move ahead again. I’m not sure if he’ll be up for that style of instruction. I hope so. He’s quite good, clear, rational, patient, and a good communicator who understands his instrument and can talk about it in my vocabulary (and he doesn’t care that I’m left-handed). Also, I will not be able to manage shifting without some guidance, I think.

  2. I have to buy up Zoe Keating’s catalogue.
  3. Got some work done on the D mixo thing. I do have an endpoint in mind for that one, but it’s going slowly. Hey, so did the Fm thing, and that’s the nicest thing I’ve done so far.