Just to remind myself …

… if I get anywhere on “Bitter Clean” or the mixo thing, I’m going to have to know where I’m headed and not do what I did in that stupid C#m thing, where I just kept slapping stuff up there to see what would stick because I had no clue where I was headed. I need to know how it ends before I start writing. I like both of these ideas a lot, and I’m not going to eff them up by not learning from my mistakes.

I’m faaaaaaaiiiiirly certain I want “Bitter Clean” to be a short three-parter, like a little triptych. And I’ve got a nice chord progression that I haven’t gotten to yet and am not sure where it will come in that prompted the mixo thing as well. So I do have some ideas for them still to come, but what I don’t have is the coda. I need that in order to know where I want to get to and to maintain the motivation I need to get there all the way through to the end.