You know what I need to do …

… I need to expand a bit on the theme just before the end. I think I’m going to record it tonight and let it sit for a few days without listening to it, and then go back and see what sticks in my ear like a thorn and then work on that.

I really need to get a line-in card for my laptop so I can just go right from the piano to Audacity. Until then, I can play and record, then play back into the mic, and just chew on it after a couple days has passed to see what needs to change. I’ll have to do the same with all of the things I write, of course — but I think I’m missing the distance I need on this one currently. The Fm may have a few bobbles that need to get smoothed out as well, but I suspect far fewer and possibly none on that piece.

At any rate, all the basic parts seem to be in place. 🙂