Hm — blues, rock, and mixolydian mode

Veddy interesting — coming out of classical, I’m unfamiliar with what amount to non-diatonic modes. However, I’ve been mulling investigating blues scales after hearing Uli Jon Roth discuss them in the context of blues guitar a bit in a podcast with Rachel Barton Pine. (I thought Uli was spelled with two letter l’s … ? Anyway.)

So I’ve been poking around a bit and found some interesting things that I may need to play with at some point in the future. And I’ve been amused to learn that it’s got its similarities to what may be my favorite new peculiar mode: mixolydian, a major scale with that pretty flat 7th. I’m curious about modes that will give one a flat 6th as well, seeing as how I appear to be in love with iv, and a flat 6th will give me that.

I’ve never been a jazz fan and I still won’t be. I’m afraid I’ll always associate jazz with bebop, and bebop will always sound to me — which I’ve said repeatedly — as if someone had a mouthful of 32nd notes and sneezed into a trumpet. Random and hence irritating buzzing noises, like being attacked by a swarm of flies.

But I’ve loved too much rock not to like blues. I know blues has its own life and development as an independent form of music, but for me I may always see it as embryonic rock.