AMAZING weekend on the viola and piano as well

Good work done on “Moon of Memory” which I think can stand in the piece and won’t have to be reworked or pulled out too much in the future, but I am really surprised at what’s going on on the viola. I still continue to have difficulties with that cold C on the A string, mostly the B after it coming out flat, but I have gotten to the point where that Gavotte is really starting to come together, and I can feel my hands behaving differently. (And even that stinking cold C can be avoided if I *gasp!* shift on the D string! Shifting! Jesus on toast!)

I have an ability to recognize when my scroll hand feels right, and I’m able to feel the difference immediately when it is. My bow hand still of course needs work (let’s face it, the fingering is the low-hanging fruit), but I’m more aware of it and more able to see what’s wrong. My intonation is better (my intonation is spookily good for a newbie when my eyes are closed), and the thing just feels right to me in a way that it never has before. I think that after I manage to get my third pass through Suzuki v1 and into the Fitzpatrick melodies that I will have to contact my old teacher again, because I’m going to need his guidance.

I still don’t consider that I play the viola so much as study how to play it, but damn it, I really do feel like it is going to happen someday, and that I can actually be good for an amateur if I keep up with it. Something has come into focus that’s allowing me to see things better than I used to, and I really feel like I have my feet under me.

Between that and the progress made on “Moon of Memory,” it’s been a wonderful weekend. I keep having to not look over my shoulder when I say that, waiting for the cartoon anvil to drop on my head when I relax my guard. I’ve been reminded by someone who knows that I already paid for this period of my life with previous difficulties, challenges, and miseries earlier in my life, but I have to keep reminding myself of that.

And I’ll still keep looking out for the anvil …