My new laptop is here!


I have to get it home tonight, then turn it on and get everything straightened out and get it to respect the wireless network as well. Then:

1) Blender
2) MuseScore
3) Lilypond
4) Audacity
5) Possibly GimpShop
6) Firefox
7) Skype
8 ) WinSCP

I may purchase Photoshop instead, along with Illustrator, and install those. Then, I probably just plop it on top of the piano and leave it there. 🙂

Update: OH GOD I have to install iTunes and re-rip all my CDs. And chase down the mp3s on my old hard drive as well. Oh, joy.

Update #2: I just looked at the cost of the Photoshop/Illustrator package online, and it’s freaking $1200. Insanity. GimpShop here I come.