Slow practice

If I’m having a not-terribly-musical night, one of those practice nights where it just isn’t coming together well, slow practice is the way to go. I don’t overdo that sort of thing much, but on an off night, it’s golden.

I also continue to confront the reality that the viola is not a weeknight instrument for me. What I love with great passion on the weekends drives me apeshit on weeknights. I did however work a razor between the cracks on “Moon of Memory,” though. 🙂 I’m approaching this one with a sense of structure as opposed to the aimless and ultimately fruitless free-for-all that the C#m turned into, and I feel much better about it — possibly because it’s already a cute but short standalone piece, so if it goes pear-shaped, I can always just gouge out the additions and have a cute but short complete piece.

I need better post tags.