Musicality, a short definition

Pointing to your 7,000 CD collection as proof of your great love and knowledge of music is like claiming that you have a varied and active sex life because of your gigantic collection of porno DVDs. If the thirst for either activity is within your heart, you will eventually 1) master your own equipment, and then 2) go looking for someone else to play with.

7,000 CDs and no musical instrument is not musicality. It’s hoarding, a very ordinary form of Western mental illness called conspicuous consumption. “I shop, therefore I am.” Show me someone who has 5 CDs of the Bee Gees and a Pat Boone Christmas album, and a clarinet, and I’ll call that musicality.

Frankly, I’d call a 7,000 CD collection a red flag for the total absence of musicality. Someone who hasn’t yet been able to find emotional satisfaction in music to the point where they are still gorging themselves in search of it is someone who will probably never find it. It’s no different from the person who keeps buying more and more of anything (or dating more and more partners, to extend the sex metaphor above), always thinking that perhaps this one is the magic one that they’ve been searching for.

It never is. That’s where the 7,001st CD (or date) comes from.