What I’m doing at the moment

Might as well just write it all out — this is the stuff that’s active at the moment:

1) Arrangement:
“Son nata a lagrimar” arrangement for piano, viola, and violin — A weekend project until I get my new laptop, upon which point I can start doing it on weeknights.

2) Other people’s stuff:
“Bethena” — Various issues with various themes. I’m to the point now where I begin playing the second theme when I have nothing else to do and am just sitting there. I need to go through it and write out everything I need to get down, though — all issues, and then do some mental practice.

3) Viola:
More CM, shift exercises, long bowing, just the mechanical stuff. “Happy But Irritating Farmer.”

“Lagrimar” will come off the list first, just because “Bethena” will take a long time, and the viola is a never ending low-level thing for the next couple years. After “Lagrimar” is off the list, I’d like to get going on something longer, or else see about expanding some of my shorter things. I think the mental practice of “Bethena” will have to own my head for about a week, though.

“Moon of Memory” and “Bitter Clean” are probably the two likeliest candidates, but I have to chew on them a bit, just do what I did when I was working on the Fm and start a background process in my head and let it run 24/7. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting this last part, and end up not thinking about it until I’m sitting at the piano and staring at it like it’s supposed to tell me something instead of the other way around. I must pick one of these two and just ruminate like crazy when I’m driving to work, at work and waiting for something to print or whatnot, driving home, washing dishes, cooking, getting ready for bed, waiting to fall asleep, etc. I did that when I was working on the Fm, damn it. That thing was like pulling teeth. It didn’t just pop into my head unbidden.

“Lagrimar” gets done, and then I start chewing on one of these two and just ramp it the hell up.