Back to the DM scale on the viola

I need to do this. I’ve already allowed it to twist into an unmanageable shape in my head from my early misapprehensions about it, and I need to dig that splinter out before the skin closes over it.

It started because I allowed my head to make an incorrect correspondence: since CM was in first position, and DM was one whole step up, then I needed to move everything up one whole step in my mind.

Including my hand.

Which is wrong. Sure, the notes all go up a whole step, but the hand doesn’t.

I need to get the real-real genuine DM scale into my head, using the scales book, and doodle away on it when I get home. I’m already doing that with the CM scale (I still have a nasty time zeroing in on Fnat, but there you go) and I have to start doing it with DM as well. Then, I’ll just add on each one as I run into those key signatures in Fitzpatrick.