Okay, so what the hell IS basic plot structure?

Or the basic structure of a three-part trilogy or any multi-part work?

Let’s face it, it can’t be a coincidence that three-part works are sort of a go-to structure for many forms of storytelling, including film, music, and literature. The sonata. The trilogy. Even visual art has the triptych.

Sonatas often (but not always) tend to be sort of allegretto-andante-allegro:

  1. A part that goes at a decent clip and that sets up all the basic bits, followed by
  2. A part that takes its time more, and might be a little bit darker and slower, where things get more complex, followed by
  3. A whiz-bang last part that wraps up with fireworks.

Okay, if anyone can differentiate that from a typical trilogy story, I’d like to see how. I just pretty much described the whole “Star Wars” trilogy for you. (Forget the prequels. The prequels sucked.)