You know what I should start getting into Musescore?

“Twilight.” That damned ELO laser-show rock song that I love so much that is begging to be a piano rag. I’ve got some of it written down already, especially the nasty parts that will now scare me to think that I:

1) figured them out less than a month after getting the Clavinova, and
2) probably can’t play them nearly that well now.

Creepy. Oh, well. I definitely would like to get that into Musescore. I have a feeling that is going to be a piece of music that I will be putting together here and there in nonlinear bits and pieces for a long, long time.

What a fantastic piece of music that is … ! I haven’t listened to a lot of rock lately; rock was my go-to music in the car, since the HDR-quality it had regards dynamic range (where the soft and loud parts are sort of “normalized” relative to one another, putting the entire thing within a narrow range band) made it a good choice for being heard well over road noise. Classical music can be hard to listen to if you don’t have a million-dollar car since road noise wipes entire sections completely out of existence. Since my commute has gotten very much shorter recently, I don’t have as much opportunity to listen to music in the car, and at home I tend to pick things like Brahms. I need to go back and enjoy some ELO again. “Twilight” is such a magnificent piece of music; so much of Jeff Lynne’s work really needs to be scored as piano concerti. It really is that involved and complex. And beautiful.