Yet another comparison I won’t make out loud

even though I’m thinking it.

Money quote: “In school, there was an amazing pianist who pretty much played circles around us all, nearly flawless technique and a superb colorist, really unlike anything I’d heard before. Nevertheless, somehow she wasn’t getting any joy from playing. She was neurotic and supremely tortured and every time you talked to her she let you know it. Soon enough, every time she was on stage, we sensed the torture and not the beauty she was actually making. It was as if she was falling on her sword every time she performed. It was sad but it also grew tiresome. She’s no longer playing today and maybe that was the best decision for her, but I’m telling you the world lost a great pianist the moment she decided to quit.”

These are troublesome artists. Often, because they are so good, they will get you to open up more than you normally would, but then that increased receptiveness is almost punished when they just pour pain into you. It ends up not being worth it.