Well, I got a laptop.

So I’m officially one grand poorer than I used to be. This does not please me as I am a dyed-in-the-wool skinflint and intermediate-to-advanced-level miser. However, I am seriously looking forward to being able to put the thing on top of the piano and leave it there instead of what I currently do, which is periodically abscond with my work laptop (ssh) on which I have installed Musescore, Lilypond, Audacity, and various other things that haven’t got a damned thing to do with what I do for a living. It’ll be nice to uninstall them finally.

Nothing much else to report. I’ve gotten some of “Lagrimar” done but the orchestra doesn’t really do anything all that interesting in that one, frankly. There’s the occasional arp up or downward between phrases, but other than that it should be a long series of dotted quarter note chords until fine.

After that, I’m actually wondering if “Seven Journey Ballads for String Quartet” might not be a better (and possibly more lucrative) way to spend my time for the foreseeable future. I’m sure my old viola teacher can hook me up with a quartet than can test-play the things for a fee for half a day, and then I can get them in shape and send a proposal letter off to JSI or some publisher someplace. I really would prefer viola/violin+piano, but I’m not sure there would be as much of a market for it as opposed to an all-strings version.