Don’t know the name of it, but —

— that one from “Rodelinda” near the end where Grimoaldo is singing about how a simple shepherd can sleep peacefully, but he can’t even though he’s a king. That would be nice for just a piano maybe, maybe a piano and a viola, I need to take a look at it. But it’s really pretty, and I like it a lot.

BTW, you see that space between “a” and “lot?” It’s supposed to be there. Unlike the the “a” in “definately” and unlike the extra “o” in “loose” meaning to mislay something. Take notes. If you have been spelling it “alot,” you’ll “definately” want to “loose” that habit. *eyelid twitches*

Back to the English language …

Anyway, I think that would be a nice one to do as well. I’d love to do “Sospetti, affetti, e timori” as well, but that one’s really fast and pretty high-energy, and possibly outside of what I’m envisioning myself doing. (Of course, that means it’s the one I should do. It’d be a hell of a challenge, though. Lots of handfuls of chords but fast and nimble. It’s sort of on the fence between Prokofiev and Baroque in a way.) I may well go through all of my favorite Haendel arias by the time I’m ready to start in on Journey.

Haendel operas and Journey. 🙂 To me, they are filed in the same manila folder in my mind.