So I’ve got the violin and viola parts in Musescore …


And the first few measures of the piano part.

And yes, it’s in Ebm. My ears bleed when I try to do it in Em, and it’s not a real problem with the score. I’m working from the Haendelgesellschaft score, so I just write the same general notes and flatten everything by a semitone. I don’t think I have absolute pitch, at least I’ve never been tested. I don’t think I do. I can’t name a note by hearing it. But I get completely turned around when I do this in Em.

This is getting crazy. The best part of the Haendel stuff is that I can publish it without concerns, even self-publish if I choose. Maybe “Dove sei?” might be next. Or one of the pretty Grimoaldo arias from “Rodelinda.” Or “Piangero la sorte mia?”

I could grab one from “Tamerlano” or “Partenope” as well. “Si, parto ma senza cor” or something.

Then, I get started on the Journey ballads. And see if getting it pubbed is even possible, especially if it’s not big-note crap.

And I must admit, using Musescore has made this a whole lot easier. It took very little time to get the violin and viola parts in, leaving me with nothing but the piano stuff to work out and then very easily get into Musescore. The paper has ceased to be an obstacle between me and getting my music down. I may want to get a laptop to put on my piano, behind the music desk. It might even be easier to do this than to score with pencil and paper. Amazing. A tablet PC might make it even easier.