Musescore — a free, open-source download

Just grabbed it. It’s WYSIWYG, so it might be easier to deal with than Lilypond, which is more like LaTEX as a typesetting program. I’ll see how it works. Given that I already have the thing pretty much written out by hand, it should be a simple matter (famous last words) to get it into a WYSIWYG editor. I hope I can manipulate note stems or else it’s still going to stink on ice for this particular piece. If it works well and I can join notes into chord across staves without slaughtering a black cock by the crossroads at midnight, I can also use it to typeset “Moon of Memory.” That would be nice.

I still can’t believe I’m pretty-much-done scoring “Mormorio.” This was a serious dream of mine. 11 handwritten pages. Okay, so that’s not too much since I wrote one measure per line (it’s 12/8, so there’s a lot packed into each measure, but I still give myself a lot of space when I handwrite music). That’s what, 56 measures? Not including the repeat part after the dal segno, which adds more.

I still just can’t believe the turn my life has taken with this whole thing, about 80% due to Gabriela Montero. Getting a piano again, suddenly getting smacked in the head with the desire/ability to write and arrange music, starting with the viola … I just still can’t believe this. Never tell me that life is predictable, or that you’ve found all the glittery surprises that Fate buried in the sand in your hourglass by about age 40 or so.