Musescore initial verdict

Pretty good. The only major annoyances I have with it is that it still doesn’t handle cross-staff chords (At all. Drives. Me. Nuts … ), and that it doesn’t respect accidentals for the entire measure, which is a serious deviation from accepted practice. (Update: Went to the online forums and found the answer. The drag-and-drop accidentals from the side palette are courtesy accidentals only. When inserting a note, one uses the up and down arrow keys to sharpen and flatten notes according to standard notation.) It also doesn’t allow for the changing of note durations within chords easily, although there is reportedly a way to get this done that I need to master.


The MIDI synth included is fantastically useful, and in general the program is fast. I should get this thing typeset in record time, well before EOD tomorrow. I can then send it to my viola teacher *evil grin* and he can listen to it, at least a vague rendition of it that should be good enough for an idea of how to play it. With the piano for the initial writing, this should be a nice, self-contained little universe for tweaks and edits. Gawdamighty, I could actually work on music on a transcontinental plane flight! Even away from a piano entirely! *hyperventilates*

I still wish there were a typsetting program someplace that allowed for cross-staff chords, and allowed for different note values in single chords with more elegance. Push comes to shove, there’s nothing to beat a pencil and paper for complete flexibility of notation, even now.

Update: It does indeed allow for cross-staff chords! Thank you to the person who told me! This was the last piece of the puzzle. I’m anticipating it will be very useful, especially in cases where I’m doing accomp since that often ends up putting the right hand a bit lower to stay out of the way of the other instrument.